Matt Smith and Lily James in north London. (x)

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Matt Smith does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (X)



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A Study in Colours. 

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Setlock | a year later
North Gower St. London, UK Aug 21st 2013

Yeah, it was That Day, when hundreds of fans flocked to the fake 221B Baker Street on a hot August day in London just to catch a glimpse of these two. It was literally like taking part in some weird combination of theatre, television and an unplanned, yet well organized Sherlock fan event. 

We met some incredible fans, made new friends, fought dehydration and hunger (because who would be nuts enough to lose their spot?!) and loved every minute of it. The Sherlock cast and crew had a great attitude towards us silly fanpeople, making sure we were all safe and entertaining us between takes. 

Those who were there can now watch the episode they filmed that day, nudge their friend on the shoulder and say “Hear that silence? That’s us!”

Wow. Happy memories forever. 

You can see more of Tiia’s photos from that day in her own blog as well as in our Setlock tag in our Fangirl Quest blog.

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Because everyone needs Benedict’s adorable little smile on their blog

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